“It looks like an amazing job, but I don’t have all the skills and experience.” Sound familiar?
I have lost count of how many parents I hear who expect too much from themselves when they are job searching. Thinking that they have to match a person specification 100% before they apply to that new job or promotion. Let me tell you why you can apply for your dream job, even when you think you don’t have all the criteria.

Skills Gap!

Mind the gap You may have heard this phrase thrown around at work, or on the news or even during the regular Sunday Dinner Table Debate (or is that just me?).

A recent survey shows that in the UK, one in four jobs in the UK remain unfilled because there is a skills shortage. There is a mis-match between what employers need and what employees have.
This is your opportunity. This means that, for some jobs and sectors, the person that the employer is asking for doesn’t exist.

Use this information to your advantage when you are applying for your next job or promotion. By clearly understand your TRANSFERABLE skills; presented in the right way, this can move you from the “Maybe” to “Definitely” interview pile.

First things first, I will share with you a secret or two from my 15 years (plus) recruitment experience.

Secret number one
You don’t have to exactly match all the essential skills and you the desirable skills are exactly that; nice to have!
The person specification is an ideal profile of the person that they employer wants. However, it is very rare that someone has ALL of these skills.
Many employers want you to bring new views and experience as it adds massive value to their business.

Secret number two
It is your job to bring your skills and experience to their attention, don’t make it hard for them to find it!
Make sure you are using their language when describing your skills and experience (you can find it in the job deception and person specification) Help the employer and interview visualise you in the role by sharing the story of your skills and experience.

The tips I am about to share will you works in both your CV/Application Form and interview. Give it some extra oommppphhh , by using the STAR technique and enjoy your interview!

Here are five ways you can show your suitability, even when you think you don’t have all the requirement skills and experience. Think now, how could you evidence one or more of these areas?
You have learnt something new quickly
This shows your “fluid intelligence”. Your ability to learn – this could be processes, systems or a subject – and apply it. What was it and how can you show it was successful?

You worked in the same sector/industry but in a different role
It shows you knowledge of the industry, the challenges it faces and may even have similar industry contacts.

You implemented or took part in change
Any new role, even if you are moving internally within the same company, means that you have to be positive about change. A role may be recruited for because of change – restructures, new business or management movement – so showing you have experienced this, and you have resilience and solution focused approach, can give you extra brownie points!

You held the same role but in a different sector/industry
This is your evidence of your skills and experience that you can build on. Even better, you can bring in “best practise” and new ideas!

You were the organisation’s client (i.e. you worked in the sector their clients are based in)
This is the jackpot! Imagine being able to know what a client looks for when they say “yes” or “no” to work or budgets?

If you want extra support with your career confidence, I offer mock interviews and one-to-one career coaching. You can find out more here www.thebalancecollective.co.uk/coaching

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