This blog finds you in the first week of January; you are surrounded by media telling you, that it’s a New Year; New Start. Talk of New Year Resolutions are floating around yet possibly haven’t lasted longer than the Christmas Cheese. But what you actually want, is a simple way to set goals.

If you are a long-term reader of my blog, you may have already up read up on my view on New Year Resolutions; that I don’t do them (anymore)! However, now is as good time as any to start looking at how to create solid goals that you can work on – all year round!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it is always important to take some time to reflect on how your year has been. This is twofold:

To celebrate the successes and enjoyable of the previous year
To find a way to record how your goals will perform in 2018 (and beyond)

Why should you celebrate your success?

simple goals settingIn a world that rewards being busy and hustle, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the NEXT step, the NEXT goal, that we don’t take the time to stop and appreciate the journey! I bet you celebrate your children’s achievements, but do you celebrate your own?


It is also a great time, during this celebration, to consider HOW you made your goal happen? What did you learn? Did anything change?

You may find that you hadn’t set any goals; STILL CELEBRATE!
It is still useful to ask yourself how these happened; reflecting on these points of success and understanding what your influence was, helps you set up yourself (and adds to the tank of self-confidence) for next year.

Not sure how to reflect? Check out this blog to help!

Why do I need a baseline for my goals?

I am cut from a cloth of instant gratification and impatience; I get easily bored and want things to change, like YESTERDAY. Staying motivated when you are looking to make a change, or reach a goal can be hard when you can’t see the immediate results, even if you aren’t as impatient as me. Making you know your starting point, or baseline, can help you see the incremental changes. Usually, the baseline is something that can be measured (such as time, money, distance) but you can also add in more “feeling orientated” or even visual basis, if that is what floats your boat. Find something that works for you.

What is a quick way of working out what goals I want to set?

It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I recommend finding somewhere you are relaxed, and that you won’t be interrupted for at least 30 minutes, and answer these three “WHATS”:

What you want to KEEP DOING
What you want to STOP DOING
What you want to DO MORE OF

When you have this, ask the BIG GOAL question:

If you could guarantee success, WHAT would you do?

But, that’s not all. You need to make a plan.
You need to make sure you have a simple map to get to where you want to go. You may like the SMART goal model, but a simplified version is:
When do you want to do it by? Make sure you have a date.
How will you know you have achieved it?
What and/or Who do you need to make it happen?

Still with me? Wonderful. The next thing may surprise you. I won’t be recommending bullet journals or morning rituals or vision boards (unless you want to – then fill your boots). All I recommend is to decide what is the first thing that needs to happen?

simple goals setting any time of the year

Got it?

Then do it.


It’s as simple as that. Take the first step.
Once that is done; take the next step. Then the next. Then the next … ah yeah, you get the drift!

You don’t need to wait until the New Year to take action, and the goals you set in the New Year may not be relevant for you by the summer. Think of goal setting as an ongoing process that YOU control. Not a date in the diary.

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