Gaining the confidence to change your career can often come from a personal journey. Experiences that create a vision for something that needs to change. Having this type of drive can give you the confidence and self-belief to take the leap.

This month, our Inspiring Parent is Hayley, who has moved from medicine to mindfulness with her business Relax Kids Sutton Coldfield. The catalyst was redundancy, but the spark was her son.
Over to you Hayley.

Relax kids hayley inspiring parents

I started Relax Kids Sutton Coldfield in early 2017 after working alongside CAMHS as a pharmaceutical representative for the last 11 years. Having been at the sharp end of child mental health for so long, I really wanted to follow my passion to support children & schools in a positive and preventative way, raising the profile of good wellbeing from early in life & hopefully reducing the number of children who end up in crisis overall. Through my business, I am also able to support adults, building resilience by coaching the necessary strategies to better manage mental health and wellbeing by showing them how to feel calm relaxed & focused.
Having taken redundancy I have decided to take the plunge into self-employment to see if I can make a difference to lives of not only myself and my family but also as many other people as I can reach.


What was the trigger to make a change?

Two areas. From a practical level, the redundancy meant I was looking at other career opportunities. The decision to go into the sector I am is due to having a child, especially a summer born boy born with a cleft lip and palate. Our experience opened my eyes to how many improvements we could make for children in schools, staff, parents and young families as a whole.

What skills/experience / training have you had?
My 17 years as a Pharmaceutical rep and all the learning and development that involved such as business planning, development and customer care influence my business now. I also have coaching experience and Relax Kids Training.

What existing skills have you used from your old career/ business to now?

My passion to do good in the world has underpinned all my career to date, but I also use a lot of my business, sales and customer relationship experience. Networking is so important too!

Relax Kids Inspiring Parent




What has been a challenge? How have you overcome it?
Accounting as a small business owner has been the challenge. I realised early on I need to concentrate on what I am good at, so I have found an Accountant!

What has surprised you?
Very simply, that I am doing it!

What advice would you give someone in the same position?
The best advice is to network; get out there and meet other like-minded people, and those that will champion you to others! In the early days, offer some freebies to get your services and products known. Finally, manage expectations well (that includes your own too!).

Has this made you think differently about your next career move?

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