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Parents can find achieving a balance between career and home daunting – or just plain demoralising. But with the right support, some personal development and a boost in self-confidence, you can create a plan that puts you in control.

Returning to work after maternity leave is not just about mums. Changes in income, careers and juggling children is a conversation for both parents. I provide support for both men and women – and grandparents too – who are returning to work after time off to care for children in the family.

It’s important to me that you get the most value from your coaching. We work together to find the issues and develop practical solutions to fix them, not just to cheer you on.


I’ll have a 20 minute call with you to understand exactly what you want to accomplish – and for you to decide I’m the right coach for you – before we start.

Each coaching package is delivered on a 121 basis and unique to your situation – there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer for every family.

I’ll help you understand the issues and provide practical support and guidance, but it’s you doing the work. And when you achieve the balanced life you want, you’ll know it was worth every step.

Transform your life and your career – achieve satisfaction.

coaching to achieve career results… fast


Helping you to feel ready and confident on your return to work after maternity leave or any prolonged absence.

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for people looking for practical help on their return to work


Develop a fresh new approach for your return to work. Learn how to put practical steps in place for a healthy, happy return and go back to work…. LIKE A BOSS!

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an online coaching programme to help you look after you!


A personal development coaching plan delivered direct to your mailbox with helpful and practical steps to help you feel a greater balance in your life and less stress!

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Coaching to help you see and work towards your perfect role


Planning is the key to success! Work with The Balance Collective to start planning your next steps in your career.

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boost your confidence & see the difference!


Designed with achievable practical steps to help gain confidence, self-esteem and a fresh perspective!

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are unsure about which coaching option is best for you?


Coaching sessions with The Balance Collective do follow a plan but that can be completely tailored to your situation and circumstances. Contact me today to create your ideal work-life coaching plan.

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Leaving already? Sign up to The Balance Collective Newsletter to receive help and support directly to your inbox

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Get the latest course information and free tips on how to live your ideal work/life balance

Get the latest course information and free tips on how to live your ideal work/life balance

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