We live in a world where we are connected 24-7; apps that ping their notifications all through the day shouting “Pay Me Attention”. It can mean we can work as we move, answering emails on the school run (walking obviously!) and updating our instafeeds. Technology has revolutionised our work-life balance.

My smart-phone was my life-line when I had my youngest. To have people I could reach out to in the early morning’s feeds and share my worries. Now, it is the way I can run my business on the go, giving me the great flexible work-life balance I want and need.

My coaching approach to work-life balance centres on mind-set and project management; understanding what you want and how you can make it happen. However, there is no doubt that there are reams and reams of apps and websites that can make life easier as a parent. To connect us, to organise us and to save time.

Apps instead of a to do list for work life balance

I’m the first to admit I don’t use technology to its full advantage, so this week, I reached out to my wider online community to see how they use technology to make their lives easier and to save time.


Online To-do lists
Google Keep: “It’s an app based web-based pinboard which can keep track of your to-do lists, voice memos, web links, photos and more. I particularly love being able to access it across devices”

Todolist “It’s been brilliant for my planning. My partner and I have synced our calendars which helps our communication”

Toggl “I wouldn’t be without it to track my time”

“I use Hoop which tells me all the baby groups and events in the area. It saves me searching for things when the children are off school”

Sound Sleeper
“This plays white noise so I don’t have to stand rocking babies for hours”

Shared Communication with Childminders
“We use Whatsapp with the childminder. She keeps me up to date throughout the day so when we go pick him up she’s not having to relay everything and we can get going (we have a 40 minutes commute home!)

“We use a private group for the childminder and the other parent. Our childminder posts photos and video updates of what they are getting up to during the day and we share any ideas or activities that we have seen around time. I love seeing the updates during the day”

apps and technology that can improve parents work life balanceAmazon Nest
“Controls the heating and hot water, which means I can turn both on before I get home without coming home to a cold house or wait for hot bath water!”


Phone Calendar / Shared Calendar
“I use the calendar on my phone to set reoccurring alarms for events the night before so I can sort things out”
“Syncing Google Calendar with the school’s helps”
“A shared calendar is a must-have. I would be lost without Wunderlist

Big Oven
“Allows me to put what leftover items I have in the fridge and it will prompt me with suggested recipe ideas”

“For arranging meetings with friends so I can actually get to see them!”

Finally; no technology
“Lack of technology. Saves all that wasting time on social networks, one of the reasons I don’t have my mobile to hand most of the time”

Can you see how this apps or techniques will help you make life a little bit easier? What will you do with extra time?

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