empowering parents to take control of your work-life balance.

clara is approachable, helpful & engaging. she gave me lots of excellent advice both practical and bigger picture things to think about which helped me to progress my thinking forward. i would recommend clara to anyone who needed some career and work life balance coaching.


navigating the path between career and home life can be challenging.

If you want balance between success at work and satisfaction at home, I can help. With personal coaching, I’ll help you discover the actions that can change your work life.

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helping staff achieve fulfilling careers delivers considerable benefits for businesses.

As an experienced consultant in recruitment, I’ll work with you to understand the issues and achieve a balanced, stress free work environment.

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practical and positive steps with the balance collective can help you transform your work-life balance.

Plan your return to work
Take the next step in your career – or change career direction
Start your own business – or take it to the next level
Handle flexible working
Build confidence in yourself
Interview techniques and practise plus CV consultancy
How to complete a Flexible Working Request
Using LinkedIn effectively

clara offers expert advice on career goals and flexible working. she is friendly but has a strategic head – a great combination.

our call really helped to clarify my muddled thoughts about my next career step and how to get the terms i need to make flexible working work for me. i haven’t seen similar services offered elsewhere and in a world where maternity discrimination is still rife and flexible working is still not on the radar of many employers, to have clara’s services available both locally and remotely is fantastic.

i’d recommend for anyone looking for a better work-life balance: who doesn’t want that?!

Fran M

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Do you want to enjoy a better work-life balance but you’re not sure where to start?

Here are my top 3 blogs on helping you achieve a better balance.

A child’s view on working parents

Guilt. It's a horrible feeling. I think it comes with the "parent package". At times I feel terribly guilty for working and then not guilty for not! However, this guilt comes from a place of assumption. I am assuming that my kids want me home all the time. Knowing the popular phrase "assume making an ass out of you and me" I decided to ask my eldest what she really thought about her Mum and Dad working. Here is her reply! Hi, you probably know my mum from these blogs. Well she wanted my view on some things, a 10-year-old girl’s view on things. A lot of parents feel guilty because ...
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LinkedIn Tips

How to create a LinkedIn profile that recruiters want to read

I joined LinkedIn on 18th April 2007. Fast forward nearly nine years and it is one of the key places to be if you are looking to grow your reputation, find a new job, return to work or promote your business. It is more than an online CV. It is a place showing the world the skills that you have! Just having a profile isn’t enough. It really is worth the effort; your potential next employer or business client does exist on this platform. You just need to help them notice you! First things first, make sure you have a profile! It really only takes a few minutes to create a basic one ...
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How to have a positive return to work after parental leave

How to have a positive return to work after your parental leave

Returning to work after your maternity leave brings up a whole mix of emotions. Often, so much time and attention are given to the practical sides that" Mum" or "Dad" doesn’t give themselves enough time to think about and prepare for what they want and need. If that sounds like you, then read on, to find out how you can have a positive return to work. With a little bit of reflection and preparation from both you and your employer,  you can ease that transition back into work. How you can have a positive return to work. Change: Expect it, it is normal! ...
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