BLOG UPDATED FOR 2018: Recommended family friendly sites and Facebook Groups for Working Parents

If I had a pound for every time I was told, very confidently, that client’s can’t find flexible family-friendly jobs, well, you know how that sentence ends. Whilst I agree there isn’t near enough of these types of jobs, over the (nearly) 17 years that has spanned my recruitment and coaching career, there is no doubt that things are changing. Massively!

I recently asked on my LinkedIn profile which individuals and companies I should connect with that supported flexible and agile working. I wanted to speak to those consultancies that encouraged their clients to have open minds with recruitment. Who treated their staff the way they expect their clients to treat their candidates.
It was a Friday afternoon and as I closed down my laptop, I kept an eye on the notifications popping up on my LinkedIn app. Before I knew it the status had been viewed SIXTEEN THOUSAND TIMES. Maybe I was onto something?

Flexible working consultancies for family friendly jobs





My diary for the whole of February involved calls with some of the most inspiring, motivated and innovative business leaders who responded to my LinkedIn post. These are people, like you and me, who have found the parenthood and careers didn’t mix in their previous corporate life. Who have witnessed, first hand, narrow-minded recruitment processes that don’t value experience and who simply thought:

“There must be a better way”

Whilst it is frustrating that the common issue my clients come across, around family-friendly roles, is repeated on a national and global level, it is so reassuring that so many people (like me) have put their “money where their mouth is” and are become disruptors. Leading a range of organisations, who shout loudly about the talent that exists in parents, that agile working is the way forward for business growth and you don’t have to stop working just because some elements of society thinks you should downgrade your career aspirations.
This blog has been brewing for a while, but I didn’t just want to pull together a list of recruitment consultancies and jobs boards you should check out after a quick google search. I wanted to make sure that these organisations values and missions were aligned with mine. Hence the phone calls and Skype coffees.
The opportunities available are varied; some are location specific, some industry, others are based remotely, others for the growing “freelance gig” economy. What they all share is the desire to create choices; flexible working for all – either as an employee or a freelancer.

where to find flexible jobs for parents




Without further ado, here is The Balance Collective approved list: maybe your next dream job sits with one of their clients:

Inclusivity Partners
Oakleaf Part Time
Attune Flexible Jobs
Premier Parents
The Hoxby Collective
Workpond Ltd
The Work Crowd
Capability Jane Recruitment
The Return Hub
Women Returners

Timewise Jobs need a special mention, as they run the annual “Power Part Time” Top 50. An annual list of some of the leading Senior Staff in a range of flexible jobs. Think you can’t work flexibly and carve out your career? Think again!

I have seen such changes in recruitment and employment since I entered the industry in 2000, and 2017 feels like a year of change. Change that goes beyond policies, arbitrary percentages and forced pay reporting. 2017 is a year where parents realise they have choices, that they are worthy of well paid, flexible roles with progression opportunities. This is the start of the revolution; will you join us?

A year on and I can add some new sites and Facebook Groups to my recommended list. List last year, all of these come as a personal recommendation as I have spent time in the groups, or have connected and spoken to the organisations:


I’m Clara Wilcox, a Qualified Career, Return to work, Confidence and Work-Life Balance Coach for parents, and can help you find a career you enjoy not endure.

As well as my career coaching packages, and CV and Interview Support, I also offer an online course called “The CV Blueprint”.

If you would like to find out more about how I can support you in your job search and career aspirations, you can find out more on my Facebook Page.

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