What do you think LinkedIn is for? To sell stuff? To network? To connect with ex-colleagues? Well, yes, all the above do apply. What it IS for, is a career development. Where you can find your next opportunity through a simple click of a button. This week’s blog is all about how LinkedIn can help your job search.

This is the for the job seekers. The career changers, the returners.  The ones who have job alerts set up, anxiously awaiting the next email notification, wondering if it will be THE ONE. The Job Advert to beat all job adverts. The opportunity that will get them the work-life balance they want. This is for the ones that aren’t considering LinkedIn as one of their job seeking options!

We are going to start with the assumption that your LinkedIn profile is all up to date. You have taken the time to make your skills shine, updated your responsibilities and reached out for recommendations. No? OK, I’ll let you off. Read this blog to find out the first steps.

There are two main ways that LinkedIn can help you with jobs; one is to be found by a Recruiter; when I say Recruiters, they may be a Recruitment Consultant (someone who works for a consultant that works on a range of roles for a range of companies) or an Internal Recruiter (who works on a range of roles for one company). Either way, they spend A LOT of time searching for people on LinkedIn. They may pick up your profile through your job title, your location or because they have heard wonderful things about you.

The second is for you to find jobs that you like the look of, that you then use your LinkedIn profile and/or your CV to apply to.

Simples, right?

I am now going to answer your burning LinkedIn job search questions.

How can I see if I being found during searches?
There is a handy feature on your profile, called “Your Dashboard”. Within that you have your number of times your profile has turned up during a search; when you click on it, you can see where your searchers work, what they do and how they found you.

How do I “tell” recruiters I am open to new roles?
The last thing most people want is their LinkedIn profile to say “Looking for a new job” if you can’t be open with your current employer.  To help you, LinkedIn has created a handy function called “Career Interests” which also sits on your Dashboard. Here you can subtly notify that you are open to job opportunities, as well as say when you are ready to move jobs, where you would like to work, the type of business you are open to and even the type of contract and working hours.

How can LinkedIn help me with my job search?
Have you spotted the funky looking briefcase in the task bar of your LinkedIn profile? It quite handily shows you that it is the “Jobs” section.

When you click on there, you are taken to the jobs page of LinkedIn; if you can work yourself around an online jobs board, you can work the LinkedIn jobs feature.  The Search function is through job title and location; now this is where it gets a bit fun.

You may already have an idea of how to search online (you may have even read my top tips or how to avoid the job-hunting mistakes)

The technology with LinkedIn is what makes online job searching interesting. Here are the top x ways that LinkedIn can help you with your job search.

You can see who you know that works at the organisation you are applying for!
In fact, LinkedIn encourages you to contact them and ask for a referral into the role. You will notice this next to the job advert.

You can see if you are one of the earliest applicants!
There will be an “early applicant” note on the advert, showing that there hasn’t been a lot of applicants up until now.

You can apply using your LinkedIn profile
Another reason to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and full! With a click of a button, you can send your profile as your application. (You still have the option to include a CV – or Resume – with your LinkedIn profile)

LinkedIn Job Search Tips

You can filter down your searches
There is the option to narrow down the options using one or all of the following criteria:

  1. Date Posted (from 24 hours to Any time!)
  2. LinkedIn Features (Under 10 applicants, In your network or Easy Apply)
  3. Company (if you have target company in mind)
  4. Experience Level (From Internship to Executive)

But, Clara, I don’t want to be contacted by a Recruiter!

Don’t worry, LinkedIn can act as your personal job concierge.  As your searches progress and your profile updates, LinkedIn will suggest opportunities and organisations to you, based on what other roles you have viewed, and your connections, as well as the choices in your career interests (if you have turned the Career Interests function on).

As we know that job titles aren’t always an indication of the role, this is a great way to open your eyes to other opportunities that you may not have considered.

So, what is stopping you? Start making sure LinkedIn is part of your job search strategy!

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