Personal Development doesn’t have to be expensive and take lots of time. When you are looking to develop your career, to return to work after a career break, upskill or go for a promotion, there is nothing better than hearing from others that are further on in their career journey than you.  But as a busy parent, we don’t always have the time to sit down and read articles and books. So, what can be the next best thing for personal development? That, my friend, is the Podcast.

I am coming to this blog as a Podcast beginner; I tend to prefer the written word, maybe it’s just the way I process information, but I have started finding some on my streaming accounts that are a great balance of educational and engaging. It is fascinating how widespread the topics are; if you think there isn’t anything out there to suit your sector or interests, think again.

What is a Podcast?

Not sure what a Podcast is? It’s a relatively new concept, with the phrase turning up in a 2004 Guardian Newspaper article when journalist Ben Hammersley mentioned what the name of a new information age, including on-demand radio shows, could be called.  I like to describe them as an audio blog, and we all know how much I love blogging! Often, they have guest interviewees on there (I have been on a few myself!) and they can be serious or very, very, funny!

ecommended podcasts for career development listen

The great thing about the audio nature of the information is they can be listened to anywhere you can hold an audio file; when I asked people how they listen to them, some have them on in the background, some listen whilst they are commuting, or exercising. It’s hands-free personal development!


There is a misconception, maybe due to the ‘pod’ in the podcast name, that you must have an iTunes account; not the case – there are a variety of platforms that people host their podcasts so make sure that assumption doesn’t put you off.

Which Podcasts should you start with?

I have a few that I have started listening to, as well as recently asking on my LinkedIn profile which podcasts that my connections recommended. These are in no way an extensive list, but it gives you a place to start!


recommended podcasts for career development





This is an eclectic podcast, hosted by Emma Gannon, where she interviews people on the themes from the book of the same name: creativity, work, well-being, the internet, social media, feminism, identity, mental health careers and everything in between.

TED Podcasts

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised there is a TED podcast on the list! As you can imagine, with a platform like TED and its ideas worth sharing, this hosts a variety of topics that will enhance your career and mindset!

Diablo + LeKeux Podcasts
Sister team Lynsey LeKeux and Diablo Rose host this inspiring and motivating podcast which covers everything that you would need to build a confident career. With monthly themes, including resilience and social media, it gives you a chance to explore all sides of your entrepreneurial personality. Oh, and I feature on episode six too.

The GaryVee Audio Experience
This is a collective of all the audio of Gary Vaynerchuck; from interviews, keynote speeches, interviews, and insights. If you have an interest in social media, technology, media, and motivation, this is the podcast for you.

Squiggly Careers
When I asked for podcast recommendations, this is the one that came up the most!  If you want to have a happy career and love your job, but don’t know where to start? Then the Squiggly Career podcast is for you!

So, there you have, a brief introduction to podcasts and the ones I think you should start with. Do you podcast (still not sure if that is an actual phrase!). Which ones should I be trying out?

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