“If you want a quality, act as if you already have it”
Philosopher William James, 1884

This blog is for the doubters. Those that believe that no one can change, that we are who we are and life just happens. You need science to back up any change in behaviours or thoughts. Feelings aren’t enough. You need fact!

For those you that know me well, you appreciate how much I love reading. This recent guest blog sums it up particularly well. Nearly twenty years since registered as a Psychology Undergraduate, my passion still burns on, so you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across “Rip it Up*” at my local library. Richard Wiseman’s work first entered by periphery during my ParaPsychology module in my final year; his work continues to delight me to this day.

How acting as if can help your confidence working parent

“Rip it up (The radically new approach to changing your life”) is not a self-help book. It is a body of evidence you will need to show that acting “As if” works. That “fake it till you make it” isn’t some “woo woo” guru mantra; but that your behaviour can alter the way you think and even the way your body reacts!

Whilst Richard Wiseman is an academic (and magician), this book is accessible to all, and funny. Yes, you read that right; I actually laughed out loud in many parts! The uniqueness of this book is the reason for the title. Readers are encouraged to literally rip out pages to work on exercises to demonstrate the impact of the “As if” principle. Obviously, because I am a law abiding citizen I didn’t deface a library book!
It covers six areas, dedicating a chapter to each:
1. How to be happy
2. Attraction and Relationships
3. Mental Health
4. Willpower
5. Persuasion
6. Creating a new you

There are insights on every page, and I don’t want to spoil it for you here. Four key areas that are very relevant for my clients are:
1. the academic evidence behind the “Power Pose” (how the stress hormone cortisol decreases after performing one)
2. how taking on the persona of another job role can change your behaviour,
3. how you can become more productive by just simply starting your task
4. that movement can increase your creativity and problem solving
This is a tip of the ocean of the amazing revelations the power that we, as individuals, have over our thoughts and feelings by changing our behaviour and acting “As if”.

So, what would you love to be? Or to have? What would happen if you started acting that way right now? Join my Facebook group to share your thoughts!

*In the nature of openness, this is my Amazon Affiliates link, where I get 10 % commission on the books that when bought. Goes without question that this book is available at other good booksellers too!

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