Let’s get the elephant in the room out there first. I didn’t expect to like Denise Duffield-Thomas’  “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. It had been recommended to me by people I respected, yet it remained on the shelf for months. Quite simply, it appears I have an issue with the word “manifest.” It felt like a passive word, where naive people just wish and expect things would happen. So, I read this book out of curiosity with very low expectations.

I am notoriously good with money. The housemate at University with a savings account and a homemade budget book that I would “balance” at regular intervals. I relish a bargain and aspire to a life of sustainability. I don’t have a credit card. I have no debt. I don’t use my overdraft and I don’t see value in expensive things.

Piggy Bank Money Mindset Get Rich Lucky Bitch

I didn’t need a book like this, right?

I was wrong, on so many levels!


This book opened my eyes, though the “f-bombs” and the light-hearted approach it unpicked an uncomfortable chest of money mindset baggage that I hadn’t recognised before. For thirty plus years a (familiar I’m sure) money story of a relative’s bad investment advice and financial ruin had chipped away and made me afraid of money. I had convinced myself I had a finite “pot” of money available to me, which could not and would not be replaced. I am not afraid to admit the revelation had me in tears.

If you are interested in getting what you deserve in life; if you feel that you are undervaluing yourself and holding yourself back, then this is something you need to give this book a chance. You may finish with a different perspective, but these are the three things that made the biggest impact on me.

The power of words
As a coach, I am very aware of the power of langue and positioning in goals. However, money is my blind spot. By changing how you talk about money and what you want to do with it, it can move you much closer to achieving that goal, A LOT quicker. For example, do you want to BUY something or USE something? That is the difference between having to wait before you can SAVE versus finding a way of accessing something. I am NOT talking about living a life through of debt or credit cards, but rethinking what financial success looks like to you!

Open your eyes!
This was the crux of the money manifestation that, If I’m honest, I am still in two minds about. However, I went into this 100% to test the theory. Very simply, to pay attention to the money that arrives in my life and then more will appear. From the friend that buys the latte to the unexpected business that comes through. We are surrounded by unused gift cards, discount vouchers and special offers that we don’t count as “money” that, in fact, add up quite significantly once we track them.

How do we show up?
If you are shrugging off the other points, then THIS is the one that should hit home.
How are we showing our value to the world by the power we give to money? How many times do we undervalue ourselves by not buying quality, or not taking the trip we want as we worry about judgement? The times we “DIY” in our business rather than getting in a professional to cut costs? How we don’t negotiate salary on a new job offer, as we are waiting for the MD to tell us our worth through THEIR salary offer?

Ultimately, we telling ourselves and others we aren’t “worth it”?

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