You know me by now. I’m eternally inquisitive and have an open mind. But I also have an astute bullshit gauge, and it goes into overdrive whenever the Law of Attraction is mentioned. Whilst I have a “to read” pile as tall as my first-born, The Secret has not, and will not make its way onto the list. I have a physiological reaction whenever I hear the word manifesting and I can’t understand why anyone takes it seriously.

But, I have realised I have been a little unfair. Like most human beings, if there is something I don’t like. I avoid it. I don’t include it in my life or my vocab.  It’s about time I investigate it a little more closely and understand why it has captured the hearts and minds of the world.

The first time I stopped actively avoiding the Law of Attraction was part of the Balance Collective Book Club, when I sat down and read Denise Duffield-Thompson’s “Get Rich Lucky Bitch”. Denise has claimed she had manifested a round the world trip and is now working on helping women get clear on their money block and live a rich life.

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I enjoyed the book so much more than I expected, even though I flinched every time the word “manifest” popped up. What I discovered, in fact, that, the bones of the law of attraction is just some of what I do, dressed up in a different way.

Can you imagine the shock that gave me? So, I needed to go and find out more. Over the past few weeks, I’ve known that this blog was in the offing, so wanted to read around the subject and speak to a few people that I respected, that happen to 100% believe in the Law of Attraction.

It’s been an interesting conversation, where I have learnt a lot. I know there is so much in the world that we don’t quite yet understand; don’t forget, we once thought the earth was flat!  However, what it has done is concreted my issue with the Law of Attraction and Manifesting.

Is the Law of Attraction a scam?

The principles of the Law of Attraction are familiar to me:

  1. Visualisation

If you don’t know what you want, how will you know how to get there?

  1. Clearing your blocks

Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

  1. Vocalising what you want

Setting a goal and being held accountable.

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However, the next thing is the one that really doesn’t sit right. The waiting, That the Universe will deliver it for you? That there is something greater than you that decides that you are ready or worthy of getting what you want.

Where is the action taking?

The responsibility?

Proactive behaviour?

I’m sure I’ll get shot down but some people, but it seems to me, to be an exceptionally one-sided process. As individuals, confidence and well-being is closely linked to self-esteem. The knowledge and evidence that you can do what you say you can do? How does that link with the Law of Attraction, where you have self-awareness and planning, without positively doing something?

What if what you have asked for, never arrives? Does that mean that the universe has deemed you “not worthy”?

Or is it that you are “ready” to receive it – then it goes back to a lifetime of not feeling in control of your life, career or decisions.

Interestingly, there are facets of followers of the Law of Attraction that encourage being proactive if you don’t want to wait; but that is as an addition, not an automatic approach.

In a world where politics, cultures and society attempt to put us in “our place”, isn’t it about time we embraced movements that encourage action, responsibility and growth? Or, are we happier waiting for someone or something else to give us what we want and need?


Let me know your thoughts. Do you follow the Law of Attraction? How do you incorporate it into your life? Or, like me, do you find it all a bit passive? Come to The Balance Collective with Clara Wilcox and let us know.  The group has over 400 working parents looking to support and develop their work-life balance.




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