Just think back to your job 13 years ago; how has technology changed? I laugh to myself that, in 2004, I was faxing CV’s of my candidates over to clients. Every three-months, bags of mail (letters, remember them!) would go out to our database to promote our recruitment services. The Fourth Industrial Revolutions wasn’t on my radar!

I didn’t get my first mobile phone until 2000; my first email address was at university. Now, whole businesses are run off a smart-phone and babies are getting their first email address in utero.

Whilst we can all sit here and reminisce about how things have changed, the reality is simple. The world of work is changing at a pace we have never experienced before. The careers our children will have  may not exist at the moment. Even if the industry does, the WAY the job will be performed will not look like it does today. We are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Robots Automation AI
What will you be doing in 2030?
In my head, 2030 sound way in the future. A time of space travel and Jetsons-esque living.
Anyone with basic numerical skills knows that this is far closer than we can imagine. At the time of writing, 13 years away!

With the leading “Futurist”, Thomas Frey predicting that 50% of jobs, as we know them now, will disappear by 2030, I am asking you now “What are you doing to futureproof your career?”

How can you plan for a job that doesn’t exist yet?
The technology and automation which is making our lives easier and, occasionally, more entertaining, is also changing how careers are developing. Technology is not just shifting how we work, but where we work and the services we provide. Because of the pace of this change, it is essential to develop your transferable skills to keep your motivated, challenged and employable.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun; with 2020 being the expected date of the full impact. The previous three will feel more familiar to you:

• First Industrial Revolution brought water and steam power to change machinery to powered.
• Second Industrial Revolution then moved to electricity to create the mass production we now know.
• Third Industrial Revolution is what we are in now, using electronics and IT to automate production.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Future jobs career 2030 2020The Fourth Industrial Revolution, building on the IT world of the mid-century, is changing the career skills we will all need; we need to not only keep on top of the skills we have now but to actively work on developing those we will need in the future.


The ways you can gain these are varied; on the job training, secondments, formal qualifications, self—taught, volunteering or developing these in your spare time through hobbies are all valid. Stay inquisitive and curious!

I challenge you to review the projected skills needed by 2020, and ask yourself, how will you start creating them today?

• “Sense-Making” (to determine the deeper meaning/significance of what is being expressed)
• “Social Intelligence” (connect and influence others in a deeper & direct way)
• “Novel and Adaptable Thinking” ( unique, creative and solutions based beyond rules)
• “Cross-Cultural Competency” (to work in different and multiple cultural settings)
• “Computational Thinking” (to understand & translate vast data into abstract concepts)
• “New Media Literacy” (to use a variety of new media channels in the correct and impactful way)
• “Transdisciplinary” (Understand and use concepts across multiple sectors and disciplines)
• “Design Mindset”(use and develop tasks and work-related processes for the needed results)
• “Cognitive Load Management” (to identify, understand and prioritise information to your best use)
• “Virtual Collaboration” (to be able to work effectively and build relationships as a remote team member)

Remember this, the future is happening now; make sure you don’t get left behind. Future-proof your career today.

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